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Chemistry and radiochemistry

Providing both daily and shift chemical and radiochemical checks of primary and secondary circuits of the nuclear power plant and its auxiliary systems, including analyses of radioactive concentrates and samples from RAW processing.

Main activities:
  • Special radionuclides and noble gases analyses for a proper management of chemical modes of NPP's technology
  • Profylactic and operative maintenance of the primary and secondary circuits' continuous chemical parameters measurement system
  • Regular service and maintenance of laboratory equipment and devices in chemical and radiochemical laboratories
  • Regular application of special algicide agents to decrease algae growth in the cooling towers
  • Preparation of calibration, reagent and cleaning solutions for chemical devices and instrumentation
  • Supplies and service of special measurement technologies and instrumentation for continuous and laboratory chemistry
  • Repairs and maintenance of gammaspectrometric lines
  • Sampling of chemical and radiochemical samples