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Monitoring of buildings

We provide top level radiation and physical protection in buildings, especially at the controlled area boundary (CA) in such a way to comply with the current regulations. We also provide supervision and measurement, and control of processes that take place at the CA boundaries, including their administration, presentation, evidence, automation and archiving.

In the building monitoring system, we primarily use our own components that offer maximal flexibility and possibility of maximal automation and adaptation to the particular situation.
Central monitoring system monitors the following:
  • Movement at the controlled area, personnel doses and radiation situation in the buildling.
  • Fulfillment of legislative requirements regarding handling with ionizing radiation sources.
  • It warns people in the building in case of dangerous radiation, fire or other situation.
  • Physical protection of the building.
  • Movement of people using the CCTV.
  • Fire risk.
  • Air quality in the building.
  • It communicates with external databases (employers, trainings, medical examinations, MS Active Directory, databases monitoring different technologies in the building).