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Radiation monitoring of the situation

More than 10 years of experience with operation of early warning network in the Czech Republic, Croatia or Latvia.

Basic system that provides continuous monitoring of radiation situation at given territory is the early warning network (EWN) that is extended by the teledosimetric systems (TDS) in the surrounding of the NPPs. The EWN and TDS provides continuous measurement of the PFDE. EWN measurement spots are equipped by detection unit that is mostly located at esplanade (open space) with natural surface in sufficient distance from buildings, trees and similar objects that could influence the measurement quality by shielding the radiation.

The sensors (detectors) are located on a stand at a height of 1 meter above the ground. Each detection unit mostly contains two detectors with different range of measured quantity of PFDE. The dose rate equivalent can be measured in a range of tenth of nSv/h to units of Sv/h.

Selected measurement spots of the EWN are equipped by spectrometers for determination of individual radionuclides, or meteorological situation.

From the measurement spots the measured values are automatically transferred in preset time intervals to the central database. The central database receives information about other measurements, such as airborne aerosols, laboratory measurements of samples taken, or emergency mobile measurements. Measured data are transferred to other local and international information systems.

Besides the State Office of Nuclear Safety the EWN is used also by the State Office of Radiation Protection, v.v.i., Czech Hydrometeorological Institute and Czech Army. Some EWN measurement spots operated by the State Office of Nuclear Safety are located at selected workplaces of the Fire Rescue Service of the Czech Republic.