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Representation and partners

NUVIA a.s. is a distributor and partner of the companies listed below for the Czech and Slovak Republics.

Leading manufacturer in the design and manufacture of ionizing radiation detectors, nuclear equipment, analytical software and integrated systems.

Contact person: Milan Pelc, milan.pelc@nuvia.com, phone: +420 725 261 043
www: www.ortec-online.com

Thermo Fisher Scientific
A leader in the development of devices for the detection and ionizing radiation localization. It covers the areas of personal dosimetry (electronic and thermoluminescent dosimetry, personal contamination monitoring), offers a wide range of hand-held detectors (dose rate measurement, surface contamination), manufactures object contamination monitors, detectors for indoor radiation detection, portal gates, etc.

Contact person: Kateřina Lusková, katerina.luskova@nuvia.com, phone: +420 725 261 036
www: www.thermofisher.com/cz/en/home/industrial/radiation-detection-measurement.html

GBS Elektronik GmbH
Comprehensive and special solutions in the field of nuclear measuring technology and high-voltage pulse technology. Development and production of electronic devices and systems according to customer specifications.

Contact person: Jiří Kolář, jiri.kolar@nuvia.com, phone: +420 731 400 018
www: www.gbs-elektronik.de/en/home.php?lang=EN

Manufacturer of instrumentation and software to the Life Science, PET/Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Safety sectors. Specializing in the detection and measurement of radioactivity.

Contact person: Jiří Vávra, jiri.vavra@nuvia.com, phone: +420 731 400 015
www: www.lablogic.com

NUVIA Dynamics
Development and production of instruments for aerial and ground geophysical and radiation surveys. It offers comprehensive solutions in the field of aerial, mobile and field radiation monitoring, gamma spectrometry and geophysical data.

Contact person: Jiří Vávra, jiri.vavra@nuvia.com, phone: +420 731 400 015
www: www.nuvia-dynamics.com

NUVIA Instruments
Development and manufacture of measuring instruments for nuclear medicine, PET centres, radiopharmacy and radiotherapy. Customised or standard solutions in the field of radiation protection, security and civil defence.
Contact person: Jiří Kolář, jiri.kolar@nuvia.com , phone: +420 731 400 018
www: www.nuvia-instruments.de

NUVIATech Protection
Top fire protection solutions and expertise in the buildings and equipment protection. Specific products and services, whatever the risk: fire, floods, dissemination, earthquakes or radiological risks. Diagnosis services, risk characterisation, monitoring and specialised maintenance.
Contact person:  Ladislav Brodský, ladislav.brodsky@nuvia.com , phone: +420 724 461 045
www: www.nuviatech-protection.com