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Information system for monitoring of non-conformities and events


Software Development Division finished development of information system for monitoring of non-conformities and events for one of the most important customers, ČEZ, a. s.

This system completely cover the whole problematic of registering and solution of all types of dangerous events (so called near misses), non-comformities and event in all companies of the ČEZ Group. 

A proposal to resolve a near-miss, non-comformity or an event can be submitted by any ČEZ, a. s. employee, or also employee of subcontractor; the proposal can be anonymous. A special commission is established to take care of each problem submitted; this commission decides on a problem solution, its categorisation, and feedback to the author. Based on the categorisation, the system allows evaluation of individual types of non-comformities and events and it helps finding systemic problems.