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DAQIS information system helps manage production on more than 130 lines


Nuvia a.s. and its Software Development Division offers a really modern solution for data collection and evaluation from assembly lines - DAQIS.

DAQIS is MES - manufacturing execution system, a production management system that is able to work continuously with data and key indicators of individual assembly lines, their groups or entire production plants. It is designed to be able to collect data from any device and efficiently display and distribute it to other systems. This data is then accessible from any device that is able to connect to it.

The task of DAQIS is to collect, report or monitor data. In addition, DAQIS can also evaluate key indicators, plan shifts, regularly logistic... The use of this system contributes to increasing production productivity, quality repeatability, optimization of material logistics..., all in a user-friendly environment.

The system has been developed for a long time with regard to the current and specific requirements of our customers. It is currently implemented and helps drive production on more than 130 assembly lines. 

MES DAQIS is offered mainly in the field of industrial automation. It is the background of Industrial Automation Division that is our great competitive advantage, we are able not only to implement the software itself, but if it is necessary we will work with assembly lines as such, or with other hardware.

DAQIS is and unique tool for the digital transformation of production processes in line with the requirements of Industry 4.0.