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Acceptance tests of the equipment at the South Ukrainian NPP passed excellent


The machine room of the production unit will be controlled by a modernized system

Acceptance tests of our turbine island equipment supply for the 2nd production unit took place at the South Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant. The end user thus accepted the delivery without reservations after a thorough incoming inspection. The delivered NUVIA modernized safety-relevant system of control and management of the engine room operation worth 9.7 million euros includes the following items:

  • I&C subsystem
  • Technological protection subsystem
  • Automatic turbine control subsystem
  • Subsystem for checking mechanical parameters of the turbine
  • Power control remote control subsystem
  • Signalling subsystem
  • Subsystem of diagnostics, indication, archiving and communication with IVS
  • Equipment of a full-fledged simulator

The project was funded by European funds to increase the safety of nuclear facilities.