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NUVIA Implements a Significant Contract in the World’s Most Intense Laser Project


Radiation Monitoring and Gas Monitoring Systems are Being Installed at the ELI Beamlines Workplaces in Dolní Břežany

The ELI Beamlines research centre aims to runs the world's most intense laser system. This part of a new pan-European research infrastructure includes several workplaces and additional facilities located in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania.

The monitoring system will be used for monitoring quantities and parameters that have impact on radiation safety and radiation protection at ELI Beamlines Research Centre premises. Monitoring system will enable the user to have an overview of the overall situation in the building and in its parts, including movement of personnel in the controlled area and current state of their dose account. The monitoring system will contain environmental monitoring, especially dose rates in the laser building interiors, aerosols concentrations in the ventilation system, surface contamination of personnel, and personal dosimetry of staff and other people entering the Radiation Controlled Area.

The project builds on the NUVIA’s previous experience with NuRAD shielding system delivery for ELI Prague and Hungary and RMS software delivery for ELI Prague.