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5 out of 13 applicants will sign a contract for consulting services with ČEZ in the Czech Republic


NUVIA became part of a successful consortium

The last days of the year brought great news for the members of the international consortium Ansaldo Nucleare SpA, NUCADVISOR, S.A. and NUVIA a.s. The consortium was selected to provide engineering and consulting services for the preparation of new nuclear projects in ČEZ, a. s., and also took the prestigious first place in the ranking of five successful applicants. When CEZ announced a tender last spring for the supply of Engineering and Consulting Services for the Nuclear Power Plants Projects in the Czech Republic, we agreed to cooperate with experienced experts from our French sister company NUCADVISOR and the Italian Ansaldo Nucleare, which has extensive references to support the operation and construction of nuclear units around the world. Ansaldo became the leader of the consortium. The Czech part of the NUVIA Group, in cooperation with many domestic nuclear experts, will be in charge of local support of the services provided.

From the original 13 international bidders for the Framework Agreement, 9 were selected in the first round of the tender and 5 in the second round. Our consortium was the most successful in the scoring of bids.

During the execution of the Framework Agreement, the Suppliers shall provide Consulting services to the Owner in many specific areas for a period of 96 months.