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Project in Swedish Lund continues, despite the pandemic


The most powerful pulsed neutron source in the world has the Czech Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System

NUVIA inspected the delivered material in the order for the heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) system supply for the Target Station within the international scientific research project ESS (European Spallation Source) in Lund, Sweden at the beginning of the month. As the installation of the air ducts is already in progress, NUVIA representatives also took part in a building inspection and addressed the comments of the company installing the system on site.

ESS is a gigantic international project that will create a multi-disciplinary research facility based on the world's most powerful neutron source, which is currently under construction.

NUVIA succeeded in tenders and won contracts in this project for more than 300 million crowns in 2016. The implementation of the above-mentioned project, which subject is the technical design and air conditioning system supply for the target building, has been underway since the beginning of 2017. Most of the material has already been delivered at present, and components additionally requested by the customer during the implementation are being added.

The challenge for NUVIA project managers in this contract is primarily the need to coordinate a larger number of stakeholders - communication with the direct customer, with the end customer ESS and mediation of the necessary communication with subcontractors. Operational issues related to the equipment installation on site are addressed at the same time.