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The Czech Republic has a radiation situation monitoring system for the public


The Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic appreciated the successful completion of the security research project

Citizens of towns and municipalities in the Czech Republic have the opportunity now to actively monitor the radiation situation in the surroundings. The monitoring network for institutions, schools and the general public was created within the RAMESIS project supported by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to ensure timely information and increase public confidence in the activities of the state administration bodies in ensuring radiation protection of the population. Now, anyone interested in the general public can apply for a free loan of measuring instruments for stationary or mobile radiation measurements, more precisely the spatial dose equivalent input of gamma radiation.

The measured data are clearly processed and presented on the web portal https://www.suro.cz/aplikace/ramesis/#/safecast and can be compared with the official maps of the radiation situation in the Czech Republic available on the website of the State Office for Nuclear Safety.

All the data are freely available to the public and can also be used for experimental and educational purposes in schools or for scientific activities.

NUVIA cooperated on the project with the State Institute of Radiation Protection and the Institute of Technical and Experimental Physics of the Czech Technical University. Its implementation took almost 4 years.

Tomáš Forman, Head of the Software Development Division, who actively participated in the development of the communication interface of the new system, says: “During the development of the central application of the RAMESIS program for receiving, storing, managing and publishing monitoring results, we drew on our previous experience with the development of the MonRaS application for the SÚJB Crisis Coordination Centre and similar applications in foreign projects."

NUVIA has long been dedicated to the development of radiometric devices and information systems designed for radiation detection and measurement. We completed and extensive reconstruction of the Early Warning Network operated by SÚJB.

55 stations of the radiation monitoring network are evenly distributed throughout the Czech Republic so that in case of increased levels of radiation in the air they immediately transmit the measured values to the Crisis Coordination Centre to the State Office for Nuclear Safety, which is in charge of resolving any emergency radiation situation in the country. The MonRaS information system serves as a tool for collecting, evaluating and publishing radiation monitoring data in the Czech Republic, especially from the components of the radiation monitoring network defined in the state legislation https://www.sujb.cz/aplikace/monras/