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NUVIA Dosimetry is still moving forward


Implementation of a new neutron dosimetry system.

The year 2020 becomes an Innovation year for NUVIA Dosimetry. One of the innovations planned by the company is the replacement of the existing system of passive personal neutron dosimetry. The current system, which was developed in the late 1970s, is already outdated, not least because of the size of the detector and the weight of the entire dosimeter.

The impulse for replacing the system, except for obsolescence have become incoming spare parts for the preparation of new dosimeters and particularly coincidence when we were contacted by people from the Japanese company Chiyoda Technol Co., in 2019, who possess a neutron personal dosimetry system WNP (Wide-range Neutron Pit) based on TechnoTrak2 trace detectors made of PADC (poly allyl diglycol carbonate) material.

All devices of the new neutron system WNP have already been delivered to NUVIA Dosimetry. Tests of the etching process of TechnoTrak2 detectors are also underway as planned. Unfortunately, due to limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, installation, equipment recovery and operator training by Chiyoda personnel had to be delayed.

We are already looking forward to launching a new passive personal dosimeter equipped with TechnoTrak2 neutron detectors. We will get not only modern technology, there is another big plus: workers with the obligation to be equipped with a full-body and neutron dosimeter in the workplace will no longer have to wear two dosimeters at the same time (film and neutron). Thanks to the incomparably smaller dimensions of the TechnoTrak2 detector itself, they will already have everything in one dosimeter. Another significant advantage of the new system is higher sensitivity, i.e. the ability to measure the dose from neutrons from 0.10 mSv (our current system measures from 0.20 mSv). We believe that we will be able to bring a new neutron passive personal dosimeter to the market as early as the beginning of 2021.