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NUVIA Dosimetry has verified its own personal dosimetry methods in the international EURADOS Intercomparison 2019


High level of our experts has been proven again by validation.

NUVIA Dosimetry, s.r.o., has traditionally participated in the international EURADOS Intercomparison 2019. The Personal Dosimetry Laboratory of the NUVIA Dosimetry has been participating in these interlaboratory comparisons regularly since 2009 in order to verify the accuracy of the doses determination using its own methods. There was a possibility to have conditions of irradiation of personal dosimeters that we would not be able to simulate otherwise in the Czech Republic. In this way we have the opportunity to constantly improve our systems.

This time, the comparison was focused on dosimeters designed to monitor personal doses for limbs and ophthalmic lens.

NUVIA Dosimetry realised such comparison with dosimeters designed to monitor the personal doses to the limbs (finger thermoluminescent dosimeters in our case), for the last time in 2009. There was a good opportunity to verify the accuracy of the system in the last 10 years of operation. In case of dosimeters to monitor personal doses to ophthalmic lenses, this was the first opportunity we could take.

We can declare with a clear conscience that we are still holding the excellent results of our finger dosimetry measurements using TLD technology. As far as a film dosimetry technology, we realized again the advantage of this technology when comparing our lens measurement system based on a small film dosimeter. This advantage is the possession of not only numerical, but also pictorial data, which provide us with much more important information.

Of course, the last year's international comparison has revealed again several pieces of knowledge that need to be addressed. We believe it will move our personal dosimetry systems a step further.