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Not only radiometric systems introduced NUVIA in Cadarache


One-day workshop at Research Center of Cadarache.

NUVIA CZ attended a one-day workshop at the Research Center of Cadarache, France last week, where presented a Portal P contamination monitoring system and a radiation detection module using the DRONES-G unmanned aerial vehicle.

In addition, our sister companies, NUVIA Instruments and NUVIA Prevention presented systems for measuring surface contamination and a gamma camera, which currently represents the latest technology for visualization and localization of the presence of a radioactive source. The gamma camera is now in trial operation at customers around the world. Its main use is assumed for spot lamps of low and medium activities. The applications are diverse, from nuclear power stations to safety applications at airports, sports stadiums, areas with large numbers and movement of people. The camera was developed in cooperation with the French research institute CEA Leti and represents a unique project of cooperation of the NUVIA Group across Europe. The development, testing and measurement took place in France, the production in Germany and NUVIA CZ participated in the software creation.