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NUVIA’s products and systems were used during the Fire Rescue Service training intervention in Slovakia


NUVIATech radiometric systems in action.

NUVIA participated in a two-day training for the intervention of the Fire Rescue Service (FRS) in case of the occurrence of radioactive materials in the premises of the Slovak military training area Zahorie at the end of April. The training was organized by the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Construction with the aim to train firefighters in case of an accident with the presence of a radioactive sours. The crash of 5 cars was simulated, one of them had a radioactive warning label, and the task for intervening firefighters was to find lost sources in addition to the rescue work.

NUVIA presented here a product portfolio for radiation survey, mobile radiation monitoring devices, gamma camera, Thermo Fisher’s dosimeters and surface contamination probes CoMo. We also presented our products delivered for the Fire Rescue System of the Czech Republic (18 portal gates, FIXIS system, Orpheus robot, etc.). The radiation portal monitor for pedestrians and  vehicles has been demonstrated in real conditions. Furthermore, the DRONES-G module with SW DRONIC, its function, detection and identification capability has been presented.