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NUVIA presented product portfolio on TECH EXPO 2019 event


We present ourselves to British customers.

The TECH EXPO 2019 presentation event was held in Lillyhall near Sellafield Nuclear Center on 12th -13th of March. The primary objective of this showcase was to introduce products and innovations of the NUVIATech Instruments line, designed primarily for radiation monitoring and radiation survey and security applications. Representatives of the Czech Republic presented the DRONES-G system designed for radiation survey using unmanned aerial vehicles, a modular portal gate PORTAL P designed for pedestrian monitoring, which can be expanded to measure cars or trucks if necessary, and SAFEGATE belt barrier posts with an integrated gamma detector radiation intended for hidden surveillance at airports or other institutions. In addition to these products, GROUNDHOG ground monitoring systems, GEM soil contamination measurement system, the NuVISION gamma camera and many others have been presented.