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NUVIA CZ supplies modular shielding structures for hospitals


Supply of patented product NuRAD 8200.

Prague Hospital Na Bulovce has been going through a big rush in recent weeks. The major contractor prepared the building for two new linear accelerators placement. NUVIA CZ has contributed to the project by delivering the NuRAD 8200 product. This patented product from NUVIA CZ will be a part of the shielding constructions built in the area of the hospital where the new linear accelerators will be installed.

Modular shielding system NuRAD 8200 is made of lead-free material used for shielding structures such as walls, bunkers, labyrinths, etc. It can be used when additional shielding in the existing building is required or for temporary usage. It can even be used while designing a new building (such as an hospital) so that when the requirement for shielding is changed or no longer necessary blocks can be easily removed and installed in another location.

Apart from being lead free its big advantage is so called dry construction which means that no mortar is necessary. Examples of where NuRAD 8200 has been successfully installed include the ELI Beamlines in Dolní Břežany, Czech Republic as well as for the production of radiopharmaceuticals in close proximity to the patientin Japan. NuRAD 8200 has thus a large range of applications: not only in scientific institutions but also in hospitals or directly in radiation centres. It is especially beneficial for existing buildings and facilities thanks to its modularity, its dry and clean structure.

NuRAD 8200 has also been delivered to several hospitals in Romania where the shielding bricks will be used for similar purposes as in the Hospital Na Bulovce in Prague. Because of new development in nuclear medicine and the increased need for treatment with ionizing radiation we are expecting to tackle many new opportunities for NuRAD 8200 in this specific market and effectively participate to the ALARA implementation.