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Reconstruction of spectrometry system at Dukovany NPP


Successful completion of complex reconstruction of radiochemical and radiometric measurements at Dukovany NPP.

During 2016, the Nuclear Power Division successfully completed the investment project „ Reconstruction of the Spectrometry System“ at the Dukovany NPP.

The main idea of this project was the replacement of an outdated Alpha server with OpenVMS and an unsupported evaluation system Genie ESP.

When designing a new solution, one of the goals was to create a robust, fail-proof information system. The server side has been designed with a view to high system availability and is based on the VMware virtual environment. The measuring part of the IS was designed as an individual measuring nodes in accordance with the concept of the information system.

Together with the exchange of the HW platform of the information system, an evaluation SW was exchanged. The gamma and alpha spectrometric analyses are performed in the new system using the GAMWIN evaluation software developed by NUVIA.

In the client part of the IS, the necessary modifications have been made to operate on the new HW platform. In addition, comments accumulated during the operation of the existing system were incorporated during the implementation. As new features have been added to support the quality monitoring of spectrometric measurements.