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Spark cutter for irradiated test specimens


Our Project Engineering Division managed supply of spark cutter for irradiated test specimens that was completed in July by 3-days long complex testing. The project was funded by the investor Research Centre Řež, Ltd. in frame of the Sustainable Energy (SUSEN) project.

The spark cutter is a device used for separation and production of samples with weight up to 30 kg without considerable thermal and mechanical effects on their initial structure. This is ensured both by an electrical spark cutting method and by an intensive water cooling. The device was designed with the aim to locate its cutting part inside a hot cell and its operational part, such as control panel and cooling system, out of the hot cell. Therefore, all components are designed in such manner to withstand high doses of radiation. The device is modified in order to be remotely handled by manipulators.

The supply contained also its control SW and a SW tool for programming of cutting programs.  What we were able to create from ordinary iron disc in 72 hours of testing operation is provided in one of the pictures...