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Supply of shielding for a research reactor


ENVINET company supplied a shielding for a radial channel of the VR-1 reactor.

By the end of the year 2014, ENVINET a.s. supplied a mobile shielding system around the radial channel of the VR-1 training reactor, which is operated by the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.

The assignment comprised design of a system that will be demountable and that could be  variably deployed in the reactor hall using a crane that is part of the reactor hall. The main task was to install shielding blocks around the channel to form a shape of shielding chamber. Subsequently, various measurement devices will be positioned into the chamber.

We used the NuRAD8200 blocks with special patented design that avoids radiation hot spots. These blocks are made of high-density concrete mixtures without metallic content. The blocks were assembled to small pillars with height of 1.5 m with steel bars reinforcement and a slab for transport by the crane. Individual pillars are mutually compatible. Similar system was used also for construction of a ceiling for the improvised chamber.